How do I get started with School Messenger?

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SchoolMessenger has been updated to single sign-on with your BPS Google Account! On the sign-in screen, click the login button and use your BPS Google Account when it asks for your Google login. If you are using Chrome, you will automatically be signed in when you click the Login button.

You can also paste this link:

Interested in live training? Click here to sign up for a live webinar training on SchoolMessenger. Mondays @ 9AM - New User Training
Tuesdays @ 3PM - New User Training
Wednesdays @ 3PM - New User Training
Wednesdays @ 12:30PM - Advanced Training
Thursdays @ 1PM - Best Practices Training
Fridays @ 9AM - New User Training

For Self-Paced Training Videos and User Instruction Guides

SchoolMessenger has a large amount of resources available in their Resource Central site for all users. We encourage you to visit the resource page often as they update documentation regularly to include new information.

Contact: School Messenger Help Desk support: 800-920-3897

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