How to use Wifi Calling on your Cell Phone

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Cell reception can be spotty at times, especially if you are in a basement or building made of dense materials. Unfortunately we can not control the strength of each carrier's cell signal but there is an alternative way of making calls that just requires a simple settings change on your phone.

Wifi Calling is a feature on most phones to allow you to make a call while connected to the Wifi when you do not have a cell signal. The instructions may vary depending on the model phone you are using but we have linked iPhone and Android instructions at the bottom.

There are a few considerations before enabling this on your phone;

  • Some phones have an additional setting to prefer wifi or cellular. You may need to try out both options to see what works best for your location but generally it is best to prefer a cellular connection if that is available.
    • Wifi-preferred: Your phone will always choose to use the Wifi to make a call, even when it has a cellular signal available.
    • Cell-preferred: Your phone will always try to use the cell connection and then use wifi calling if it can't reach a cell connection.
  • Transitioning between signals may cause problems: You may experience lag or dropped calls when transitioning between signals. The most common place you will notice this is if you are on a call when you leave or enter the building; your call may disconnect or lag when your phone switches between connections.
  • Using Wifi calling on a slow Wifi network may cause issues. You may experience problems when using Guest wifi networks, airports, or hotels.
  • Your phone may ask you to enter a 911 address when enabling Wifi calling; this is that address that will be sent to the 911 dispatcher if your phone can not detect a cellular or GPS signal.
If you decide to enable Wifi calling, we recommend making a few test calls from different locations that you commonly use your phone to make sure this is the right setting for you.

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