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For more information: How to Send Report Cards or Progress Reports through School Messenger

You will need to complete Uploading report card PDF to School Messenger first.

1 The first step is to open SchoolMessenger and click Broadcasts

Step 1 image

2 Click SDD

Step 2 image

3 Click Show Unmatched IDs

Step 3 image

4 Check to see there are no unmatched students, then Click Show Matched

Step 4 image

5 Check to see all match students, Click Done

Step 5 image

6 Click Send Email

Step 6 image

7 Skip or change the Broadcast Name

Step 7 image

8 Click *General School Messages

Step 8 image

9 Scroll down and click Associated Guardians

NOTE: You can have emails sent to students also, by choosing "both". If you want only students to receive email then choose "contact".

Step 9 image

10 Scroll down and click Start Date

Step 11 image

11 Click the Date you want for the email to be sent out 

Step 12 image

12 Scroll down and click No Password

Step 13 image

13 Select No Password

Step 14 image

14 Click Unique ID

Step 15 image

15 Select Unique ID

Step 16 image

16 Scroll down and keep or change From Name

Step 17 image

17 Keep or change From email

Step 18 image

18 Type a Reply To Email, it is recommended to use the school's RC email

Step 19 image

19 Keep or change Subject

Step 20 image

20 Modify the email message.

Step 21 image

21 Scroll down and click Send Now

Step 22 image

22 Scroll up and that's it. You're done.

Step 23 image

This article is also available as an interactive tutorial. Click here to view the interactive tutorial or scroll down to view a step-by-step version.

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