How to add captions to a video

Captions are text that is displayed onscreen, either at the top or bottom of the screen, to provide visual access to spoken and written content that is part of a video. This text is synchronized with…

Rhianon Gutierrez
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How to Set Up and Use Spoken Language Interpretation in Zoom

See this HelpDoc in Slides form.. Host View. In order to set up a meeting or webinar as a host with Language Interpretation, you must have a Zoom Edu Pro account or a webinar license. Setup - Before…

Rhianon Gutierrez
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How to enable live transcript CC in Zoom

Zoom now offers live transcription during a meeting, enabling greater access to your spoken content. Follow the instructions below to ensure that they are enabled for your account. Please note: live…

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Joining Zoom from your browser or a Chromebook

Open the Zoom meeting link (if you have a meeting a ID go to ). Click " join from your browser ". Enter your name, check I'm not a robot, and click Join.

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Access to BAIS applications from off the network

Got to this link: Login in with the your BPS Employee ID and BPS password. Type in your security code. you will be asked every time for a security code. Click the icon for the…

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How to request captions and transcripts for videos from 3Play Media

Captions and transcripts provide access for all learners and increase traffic to your video content. We are here to help you make this access and engagement possible. If you are a central office depa…

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How to enable Chrome to download reports from Aspen

At the top right, click the 'three dot' menu icon, and select 'Settings'. Find the 'Privacy and security' section, and click 'Site settings'. Scroll down until you see 'PDF documents'. Toggle the set…

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