​How to create a Sponsored Account

Any staff with access to Peoplesoft HCM or Financials can create a sponsored account (formerly called "x accounts") for an intern, contractor, or other volunteer using the instructions below. Sponsor…

Roma Browne
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Staff Passwords: How to reset/change

Your BPS Password is valid for 1 year (365 days). *Expiration notifications will come from "" (up to 30 days in advance). You can change your password multiple ways: Login to…

Judi Vellucci
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Do I have a virus or malware on my computer?

If you suspect that you have a virus on your computer, immediately turn the computer off and contact the BPS Technology Help Desk (617-635-9200) to discuss next steps.. Here are the top 10 signs that…

Patricia Sarango
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How to change your last name and BPS email address

This article will take you through the process of changing your name and email address. This process is automated but we strongly recommend coordinating with Sean McMahon (smcmahon@bostonpublicschool…

Sean McMahon
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How to access EdPlan

EasyIEP/EdPlan can be accessed via Clever or at This tool is managed by the Office of Special Education. If you need access, submit this form. You may also conta…

Judi Vellucci
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How to enable/disable a Sponsored Account

How to enable/disable a Sponsored Account. If you have an urgent need to disable an account, please send an email to networkaccess@. If this is an employee, please Cc: your Human Capital representati…

Roma Browne
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Installing Office 365

Go to Click Sign in. Login to your account using your BPS email and password. Click Install Office and then choose Office 365 apps.

Kevin Arias
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I Am Getting "You Have Successfully Logged Out" Message When Signing into Peoplesoft Financials.

If a user gets the message "you have successfully logged out" when trying to sign in to PSFN, please check in View User Information in ABP to see if the FN account is disabled. BPS Financial Liaison…

George Yessayan
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What is the BPS Acceptable Use Policy?

Boston Public Schools. 2019-2020 Guidelines for Implementation of Acceptable Use Policy for Digital Information, Communication, and Technology Resources ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY AND GUIDELINES. Guidelin…

Geraldine Conley
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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365

Frequently Asked Questions. Q. Why does my new L4L not have Microsoft Office applications installed already? Your new L4L has a faster, more reliable solid state drive; however, that comes with a tra…

Rhianon Gutierrez
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How to receive an L4L (Teacher Macbook)

Eligible employees (primarily classroom teachers) will be notified via their BPS email account regarding how to access the training & receive a laptop. After you are hired and able to login to your e…

Kristine Matthews
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How to Activate and Inactive Accounts in Naviance

This article is also available as an interactive tutorial. Click here to get started!. 1 The first step is to open Naviance 2 Scroll down and click Setup 3 Click User Admin 4 Click Show Inactive User…

Rhianon Gutierrez
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New Employee Guide

We want to make your entry to BPS as smooth as possible so we put together a guide with the most common questions you might have. If you have any questions about the items below or something that is…

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