How to Pair the Polycom Studio Remote

Before pairing the remote, check to make sure the remote has working batteries by removing the back cover. Turn the Polycom Studio camera bar upside down. Locate the bluetooth pairing button and pres…

Mark Racine
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How to remove Malware from your Macbook

Malware can present in a number of ways including pop ups, slowed performance, unknown searches and applications, and a number of other issues. Here are two things you can do to remove Malware from y…

Philip Fryer
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Connecting a Chromebook or Android to BpsStaff/Student

Make sure that your device's Wifi is turned on. Select the network BpsStaff or BpsStudent. Settings (Your device may not require all of the settings included below): SSID: BpsStaff (or BpsStudent). S…

Sean McMahon
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Sprint/Boost Coolpad Surf Hotspot FAQs

Sprint/Boost Coolpad Surf. How do I activate/assign Sprint/Boost Coolpad Surf hotspots for students? There is no need to activate a hotspot. They are ready to use and to be given to students. However…

Solimar Cruzado
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Verizon Jetpack Model 8800L WiFi Hotspot FAQ's

Verizon Hotspot FAQ's. What types of hotspots do we have?. Verizon 8800L Jetpack Hotspots (BPS/OIIT). Sprint/Boost Coolpad Surf Hotspot (1M Program- Schools based direct to school POC). Samsung J3 Ph…

Nikolas Gonzales
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"MacOS Could not be installed on your computer" screen after start up

Occasionally an operating system update can be disrupted during installation resulting in your computer displaying this screen on startup: To bypass this screen you'll need to reset the startup disk.…

Philip Fryer
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5 Tips to Improve Macbook Performance

Please click the blue highlighted words for instructions or to read more on a topic. 1. Get to know your Device. Understanding the Terminology of your device will help you navigate quickly to trouble…

Roma Browne
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Removal of Technology

To remove old or damaged technology, please complete a Technology Removal Request (Form 57). Any requests for less than 30 items may be postponed until an adequate stock is available for pick-up. Ple…

K.C. Kourtz
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How to initiate a request to purchase "non-standard" technology

A contract may be needed in order to purchase the items on your request. Go to the BPS Purchasing Guidelines for more information. Please consider whether you have sufficient resources to support "no…

Solimar Cruzado
Updated 3 months ago by Solimar Cruzado

What does it mean when a Chromebook is "end of support"?

Google assigns every Chromebook model an "end of support" date, which is typically 5-7 years after it was manufactured. This date tells you when that Chromebook will stop receiving software updates f…

Sean McMahon
Updated 3 months ago by Sean McMahon

How to Factory Reset a BPS Chromebook

Hold down two keys: ESC and "Circle Arrow" and at the same time, tap the POWER button:. You will receive one of the following messages depending on the model of your Chromebook:. Hold down CTRL and t…

Kevin Arias
Updated 4 months ago by Kevin Arias

Fixing hanging in video chat apps like Zoom and Hangouts

If you are experiencing freezing or crashing Hangouts or Zoom, try turning off hardware acceleration. For Zoom, go to the Zoom app, then click on the menu in the top left of the screen, next…

Brett Allard
Updated 4 months ago by Brett Allard

How to Install a FollowYou Printer on a PC

Step 1: Install the new printers. Click the Start button. A window will open with two icons; right click on the FollowYouBW icon and select “Connect”. A box will popup and install the printer automat…

Mark Racine
Updated 6 months ago by Mark Racine

How to Install the Tap Card Printers on your Mac

Step 1: Install the printer. Open System Preferences. Click the Printers & Scanners category. Click + to add a printer and choose the IP tab. Black and White Color Address: Protocol: Line…

Mark Racine
Updated 6 months ago by Mark Racine

Mobile Hotspot Setup for Samsung J3 Prime Phone

Set up. Check that Wi-Fi and Smartphone Mobile Hotspot are turned off. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot settings cannot be changed when Wi-Fi sharing is turned on. From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon.. Tap…

Nikolas Gonzales
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Chromebook Log-In old password message

When logging into a Chromebook, Chrome may ask for an old password. "To unlock and restore your local data, please enter your old Chromebook password." Click " Forgot your old password ". Click " PRO…

Kevin Arias
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Getting Chromebook IP address and WiFi MAC address

Click the bottom right corner area (Time, network icon, battery icon, and user picture). Go to network. At the bottom above the battery icon/user picture is an i (information symbol) click it and get…

Kevin Arias
Updated 7 months ago by Kevin Arias

Tips for keeping student devices clean

How can we stay healthy when we use electronic devices? With concerns about bacteria on various surfaces, here are some proactive tips to keep our devices and hands clean. Tip 1: Wash/sanitize hands…

Rhianon Gutierrez
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How to back-up your data on a Mac

Back-up Assistance Guidelines. Why do we need to back up? To protect against data loss due to hardware failure, file corruption, and/or accidental deletion, we should back up our data on a regular ba…

Mark Racine
Updated 8 months ago by Mark Racine

How to Install a Printer on a Chromebook

Log in with your BPS email onto a Chromebook. Click the time on the bottom right side of the screen. Click SETTINGS ICON. Scroll down to Printing. Click PRINTERS. Click ADD PRINTER. Click ADD MANUALL…

Mark Racine
Updated 9 months ago by Mark Racine

What to do if you have a broken device

Once you learn a single device is broken, contact the Help Desk at 617-635-9200. Do not try to fix the device yourself. This could void the device's warranty, or cause more damage. Once you have cont…

Solimar Cruzado
Updated 10 months ago by Solimar Cruzado

My Mac won't let me install a program.

Sometimes you might receive an error message when trying to open an app that you downloaded from a website that says your Mac will not allow programs from an unidentified developer. To override your…

Mark Racine
Updated 11 months ago by Mark Racine

How to enable Airtame with MacOSX Catalina

Mac OS Catalina has extra security features that you will need to approve and restart the application before using Airtame. Go to System Preferences and click Security & Privacy:. Check the Airtame b…

Patricia Sarango
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My wireless keeps disconnecting or changing networks!

If your computer keeps disconnecting from the wireless, there's a good chance that your computer is trying to connect to a different wireless network. Sometimes computers will prefer a certain networ…

Andrew Horgan
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How do I configure Chromebooks that I received from Donor's Choose?

This article will assist you with the licensing process through Donor's Choose as well as the setup process once they are delivered to your school.

Sean McMahon
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How to Connect a PC to BpsStaff/Student

In Windows, navigate to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center. Click Manage Wireless networks. Click Add. Choose Manually create a network profile. On the next page, enter the following: Network…

Andrew Horgan
Updated 11 months ago by Andrew Horgan

How to Connect a Mac to BpsStaff/Student

From the AirPort menu located in the upper-right-hand corner of the desktop, select BpsStaff from the list of networks. (Your wireless must be turned on to completed this step.). Enter your BPS Emplo…

Andrew Horgan
Updated 11 months ago by Andrew Horgan

How do I install GarageBand or iMovie?

Apple has changed the way users get apps, so iMovie and Garageband are not pre-installed on your computer. We make these apps available through our Self Service App. Follow the steps below to install…

Patricia Sarango
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How do I create a parent portal account in Aspen?

Kevin Arias
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How to Activate a New iPad

These instructions are for laptops purchased through BPS; this will not work on a personal or donated iPad unless they are added to the BPS management system. At the “ Hello ” screen, press the Home…

Mark Racine
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