How to See Assessment Scores for Multiple Students

This article is also available as an interactive tutorial. Click here to view the interactive tutorial or scroll down to view a step-by-step version.. 1 Click Assessment 2 Click Student Assessments 3…

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How to access Panorama Student Success

What is Student Success and who has access?. Panorama Student Success is a platform that facilitates educators’ access to data, to foster a collaborative, anti-racist, and asset-based approach to a m…

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How to configure your Chromebook for the WIDA/Access test

The WIDA test, also known as Access, requires a unique code to be entered when using a Chromebook for the first time. This code only needs to be entered the first time a Chromebook is used for the Ac…

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How to view an individual student's assessment scores

How to view an Individual Student's Assessment Scores. Log on to the District view, BPS View, School view, or Staff view in Aspen ( ) Click on the Student top tab. Find the student and…

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MAP Troubleshooting

MAP FLUENCY (Grades K2-2). How do students take MAP Fluency? Students access the test by clicking the ORANGE MAP Fluency link in Clever or go directly to To login, students enter…

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MCAS 2.0 Test Coordinators Handbook

What should I do BEFORE day 1? Print out ALL testing tickets and prepare each session. . Instruct your teachers to watch the training video ( modules to assist with tasks during testing ). Identify a…

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