"MacOS Could not be installed on your computer" screen after start up

Occasionally an operating system update can be disrupted during installation resulting in your computer displaying this screen on startup: To bypass this screen you'll need to reset the startup disk.…


5 Tips to Improve Macbook Performance

Please click the blue highlighted words for instructions or to read more on a topic. 1. Get to know your Device. Understanding the Terminology of your device will help you navigate quickly to trouble…


How do I install GarageBand or iMovie?

Apple has changed the way users get apps, so iMovie and Garageband are not pre-installed on your computer. We make these apps available through our Self Service App. Follow the steps below to install…


How to Connect a Mac to BpsStaff/Student

From the AirPort menu located in the upper-right-hand corner of the desktop, select BpsStaff from the list of networks. (Your wireless must be turned on to completed this step.). Enter your BPS Emplo…

Andrew Horgan
Updated by Andrew Horgan

How to Install the Tap Card (Follow You) Printers on your Mac

Please note: Only BPS devices can connect to the Follow-You printers. Quick Setup Using Self Service. Search for the Self-Service application on your L4L. You can use the magnifying glass “Spotlight”…

Kate Smith-Ziegler
Updated by Kate Smith-Ziegler

How to back-up your data on a Mac

Back-up Assistance Guidelines. Why do we need to back up? To protect against data loss due to hardware failure, file corruption, and/or accidental deletion, we should back up our data on a regular ba…

Mark Racine
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How to convert a PDF into a Word document

Please note that with more complex PDF's (i.e. those incorporating graphics) may not convert as expected. Login to Adobe Express at the address below;. In the search box…

Kevin Arias
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How to downgrade your Airtame app on your Mac

This article will detail the process to downgrade your airtame app in case it has accidentally been updated and no longer fuctions properly on BPS networks. First, you'll want to locate the Self Serv…

Brett Allard
Updated by Brett Allard

How to enable screen recording in macOS

You will need to follow the steps below to be able to screen share on Zoom or Google Meet on macOS.. Go to Apple icon in top left corner. Select System Preferences. Select Security & Privacy.. In lef…

Rhianon Gutierrez
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How to receive an L4L (Teacher Macbook)

Eligible employees (primarily classroom teachers) will be notified via their BPS email account regarding how to access the training & receive a laptop. After you are hired and able to login to your e…

Kristine Matthews
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How to redact information on a PDF without Adobe Acrobat

Open your PDF in Preview on a Mac. Click the Markup icon on the top right. Click the Redact button on the top left. It looks like a filled in square or is listed under the Tools menu. Read the remind…

Mark Racine
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How to remove Malware from your Macbook

Malware can present in a number of ways including pop ups, slowed performance, unknown searches and applications, and a number of other issues. Here are two things you can do to remove Malware from y…


Managing Loaner Macs

This document is intended for the management of loaner machines that have gone through enrollment with BPS. Log into the account “loaner” with the password ‘loaner’. Make sure that the computer is co…

Brett Allard
Updated by Brett Allard

Mirrored vs. Extended Display Settings

When connecting your computer (such as L4L MacBook or Chromebook) to a secondary display (such as projector, external monitor, or Airtame monitor), users have the option to use the secondary display…

Haruna Hosokawa
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My Mac won't let me install a program.

Sometimes you might receive an error message when trying to open an app that you downloaded from a website that says your Mac will not allow programs from an unidentified developer. To override your…

Mark Racine
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Staff Passwords: How to sync with your Macbook

This article documents how to keep all your BPS passwords in sync with your Mac laptop password. When your password is reset through Access Boston or the Service Desk, the password will not sync to t…

Brett Allard
Updated by Brett Allard