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How to Run The Official Student Transcript Report

Running Official Student Transcript Report. The Official Transcripts may be run for all students, for a group of students or for an individual student. Instructions are for school-level users with ac…

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How to setup and run the Out of District Official School Transcript report

This report is limited to a specific group of staff and can only be run from District view. From the Student Top Tab find the student and go into the details of the student. On the right side change…

Kevin Arias
Updated 10 months ago by Kevin Arias

How to Run the Class Office Period Attendance Report

Class Office Period Attendance Report - up to 10 periods. The Class Office Period Attendance Report is used to easily compare Daily Attendance to Class Attendance. The Class Office Period Attendance…

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Absence Letter (Nudge Attendance Letter) Report and sending through School Messenger

Step 1: Run Absence Letter Report. To run the report: School View > Student Top Tab > Reports > Absence Letter. Change YTD Attendance Percentage if need be, and then click Run. This report could take…

Kevin Arias
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