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Password - How to Change a Student Password (Technology Coordinators)

1. The first step is to open 2. Log in with your BPS Credentials 3. Click Submit 4. In Teacher Tool, Find Student via Name or Student number. 5. Select Student 6. Click Acti…

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Dwp Mybps - How to Reset a Student Password (For Students Registered in the System)

Please note that these instructions are for students that have registered for the reset tool. If you are not a returning user please see this document for help in registering your account for the sel…

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How to view your Grade Point Average (GPA)

From the Student view in Aspen ( ) Click on the My Info top tab. Click on the Transcript side tab. Click on the Grade Point Summary sub tab. Select the appropriate GPA definition from t…

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How to Register for Athletics - Student View

Athletics Registration Workflow. Starting in late 2020 you will be able to register for Boston Public School Athletics from your Aspen Home Page. Log on to Aspen ( From the Aspen Home P…

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How Can Students View their Report Card/Progress Report Grades in the Student Portal

Video: Checking Grades on the Student Portal In the Student portal: Click the My Info tab. Click the Transcript side-tab. Click the year in the row of the grade you want to view. View the class infor…

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How to Reset your Student Password (Students)

1. The first step is to open Aspen: Log On page at and click Students under Help I Forgot My Password. 2. Click Help, I forgot my password 3. Click RESET PASSWORD 4. Fill in the Persona…

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