End-of-Year Processes

End Of Year Rollover Information/FAQ

Aspen will be offline all day Saturday, July 30 for the End-Of-Year (EOY) Rollover. This will move Aspen to the 2022-2023 school year. Please, go through the FAQ below to see how EOY Rollover impacts…

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How to Enter Student Homerooms After the End-of-Year Rollover

Now that we are in the new school year, homeroom changes must be done directly to the Homeroom field ( not in the Next Year Homeroom field ). The Homeroom field can be edited in two places: School vi…

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How to Enter a Student's Next Year Homeroom in School View

This article is also available as an interactive tutorial. Click here to view the interactive tutorial or scroll down to view a step-by-step version.. 1 The first step is to open Aspen and click Scho…

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How to Promote or Retain Non-Senior Students

Promote, Retain, or Graduate Guidelnes. All students from K0-12 must have a promotion status set in Aspen before the last day of school. Students “Promote Status” field are blank by default in Aspen.…

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How to Set Promotion Status for Seniors

2022 Graduate, Met Local, Retain, August Graduate Guidelines. All seniors/grade 12/grade SP need to be coded in Aspen. The status window is open until June 18. Aspen includes a field called Promote S…

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Technology Returns for Transferring & Departing Employees

What needs to be returned when a staff member leaves or transfers? All technology containing a hard drive (laptop, desktop, cell phone, tablet, etc) must be returned to BPS Technology for reimaging.…

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