Using IN filters in ASPEN

Kevin Arias Updated by Kevin Arias

There are IN filters in ASPEN that uses a list, of the named criteria, to search on. This list can be created using AspenUtil - SQL 'IN' converter & more, a chrome extension:

The following steps will not work if you have not added the Chrome extension AspenUtil - SQL 'IN' converter & more to Google Chrome.
  1. Open Google Chrome and log into ASPEN
  2. Copy a list of IDs from a spreadsheet, the screenshots will be for an Employee ID IN example
  3. Click the AspenUtil located in the top right of chrome
  4. Paste the IDs in the box
  5. Click Convert and the results will be copied automatically
  6. Go to filter in ASPEN and find the IN filter you want to search on
  7. Paste into the search box
  8. Click Submit

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