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Connecting a Chromebook or Android to BpsStaff/Student

Make sure that your device's Wifi is turned on. Select the network BpsStaff or BpsStudent. Settings (Your device may not require all of the settings included below): SSID: BpsStaff (or BpsStudent). S…

Sean McMahon
Updated 1 year ago by Sean McMahon

Create an Incident in TDT-Asset (formerly One2One Manager)

Creating an incident in TDT-Asset (formerly One2One Manager) is easy! Be sure to include as much detail as possible. Before you do, don't forgot to try an troubleshoot! Most issues can be fixed withi…

Solimar Cruzado
Updated 1 month ago by Solimar Cruzado

Getting Chromebook IP address and WiFi MAC address

Click the bottom right corner area (Time, network icon, battery icon, and user picture). Go to network. At the bottom above the battery icon/user picture is an i (information symbol) click it and get…

Kevin Arias
Updated 1 year ago by Kevin Arias

How Do I Update the Chrome OS Version on a Chromebook?

If you experience sound or video issues with Zoom or Clever Apps, it is a good idea to check that your Chrome browser is up to date. Regular updates to your browser also fix security problems when th…

George Yessayan
Updated 6 months ago by George Yessayan

How do I configure Chromebooks that I received from Donor's Choose?

This article will assist you with the licensing process through Donor's Choose as well as the setup process once they are delivered to your school.

Sean McMahon
Updated 1 year ago by Sean McMahon

How do I take a screenshot of my Chromebook screen?

While getting support you may be asked to provide a screenshot to help troubleshoot. Follow these steps: View the site you're experiencing difficulty with. Press Ctrl + Show windows. (For non-Chrome…

Judi Vellucci
Updated 1 year ago by Judi Vellucci

How to Block Youtube on your Child's Chromebook

The following instructions will walk you through the steps to install a Youtube block on your child's Chromebook: On your child's Chromebook (while logged into their account) click the link below OR…

Mark Racine
Updated 1 year ago by Mark Racine

How to Factory Reset a BPS Chromebook

Hold down two keys: ESC and "Circle Arrow" and at the same time, tap the POWER button:. You will receive one of the following messages. Hold Down CTRL and tap the D key to begin Developer Mode, then…

Kevin Arias
Updated 4 months ago by Kevin Arias

How to Install a Printer on a Chromebook

Log in with your BPS email onto a Chromebook. Click the time on the bottom right side of the screen. Click SETTINGS ICON. Scroll down to Printing. Click PRINTERS. Click ADD PRINTER. Click ADD MANUALL…

Mark Racine
Updated 1 year ago by Mark Racine

How to use Kiosk Apps (aka locked browsers) on Chromebooks

Kiosk Apps are found on the Chromebook login screen and are commonly referred to as "Locked Browsers". Assessment vendors create kiosk apps to ensure that their assessments are delivered in a secure…

Mark Racine
Updated 1 year ago by Mark Racine

Tips for keeping student devices clean

How can we stay healthy when we use electronic devices? With concerns about bacteria on various surfaces, here are some proactive tips to keep our devices and hands clean. Tip 1: Wash/sanitize hands…

Rhianon Gutierrez
Updated 1 year ago by Rhianon Gutierrez

What does it mean when a Chromebook is "end of support"?

Google assigns every Chromebook model an "end of support" date, which is typically 5-7 years after it was manufactured. This date tells you when that Chromebook will stop receiving software updates f…

Sean McMahon
Updated 1 year ago by Sean McMahon