Access 4 All Chromebook Initiative

Common Chromebook Issues & Quick Fixes

Older Chromebooks models like the Acer C720, Acer C740, and Acer C738T have depreciated to the point where they are no longer cost-effective to fix. Create a new incident in One2One Manager and selec…

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Understanding Incidents in One2One Manager

Using Incident Management in One2One Manager is a quick and easy way to look up your incidents.. You can also Generate a Report or Export to CSV using the Incident Report in One2one Manager.. Here ar…

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Access 4 All Chromebook Repair Process

1) Troubleshoot First Please troubleshoot Chromebook to ensure repair is needed. Click here to see “ Common Chromebook Issues & Quick Fixes ”.. 2) Create a New Incident in One2One Manager Create a ne…

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How to enroll with Comcast Internet Essentials

Comcast Internet Essentials. Getting Started. What is Comcast Internet Essentials? Comcast IE is an affordable internet plan for families to be provided in-home broadband wifi. Who is qualified for C…

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