How to Assign Homerooms Based Upon the Student Schedules

Populate Homerooms Procedure

This procedure will look at a student's schedule and assign a homeroom to the student based upon your term, day and period selection.

This procedure must be done in School view, after you have committed your schedule. If your homerooms change during the year you can rerun this procedure as needed.

After running this procedure you also need to add your school prefix to the homeroom.

  1. Login to the School view in Aspen (
  2. Click on the Student top tab
  3. Click on the Options menu
  4. Select Populate Homerooms from the Options menu
  5. You will see this popup window
  6. Click the Schedule Term picklist icon and select the smallest term that your school uses for scheduling (excluding mini/exploratory terms) and then click OK
  7. Click the Schedule Day picklist icon and select the day to use to select the homeroom (in a Monday-Friday schedule this will most typically be Monday) and click OK
  1. Click the Schedule Period picklist icon and select the period to use to select the homeroom (this is most often the 1st period) and click OK
  2. With all selections made, click OK
  3. You will see The operation is in progress message until the procedure completes
  4. Once the procedure completes, check student homerooms by looking at the homeroom number assigned and the student's schedule. The homeroom should be the room number of the selected term, day and period class.
If a student is unscheduled during the term, day and period selected the student will not be assigned a homeroom

Adding Your School Prefix to Homerooms

Unless your school rooms also have your school prefix, after populating the student homerooms the homerooms need to be updated with the school prefix.

  1. Click on the Student top tab
  2. Click on the Options menu
  3. Select Mass update

  1. Select Homeroom for the Field
  2. Click on the Advanced button in the lower right corner

  1. Select An expression from the Source dropdown list

  1. In the Value field enter in exactly:


  1. Click Update

  1. After clicking Update you will see a Warning message. Click OK to continue
  2. You will see a second warning, indicating the number of records you will be updating. Click OK to continue
  3. When the update completes, verify that the homerooms now have your school prefix

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