How to enroll with Comcast Internet Essentials

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Comcast Internet Essentials

Getting Started

What is Comcast Internet Essentials?
Comcast IE is an affordable internet plan for families to be provided in-home broadband wifi.
Who is qualified for Comcast IE?
Take a look at the website so see if they are eligible.
Where can I find a voucher code to help pay for Comcast IE?
Go to your school's voucher code sheet and provide your family a voucher code.
What is the number to call or the website to apply?
Call 844-963-0178 or Apply online at

Frequently Asked Questions

What do if our families are having problems with Comcast Call Center Representatives?
If the representatives are the reason why your family cannot enroll in this program, please fill out this form.
My family received a bill from Comcast, what should I do?
Complete the form above and send Henry Ho ( a picture of the bill. If your family paid the bill we will notify Comcast to credit it back to their card and remove them from the list.
How fast is the download speeds?
Comcast IE has download speeds up to 50Mbps.
Our family speaks Spanish, how should we proceed?
If your family speaks Spanish; please advise family to call 844-963-0178 & wait until the operator provides the option for Spanish (it will prompt them in Spanish to select option #9)
Can we enroll in Comcast IE if our family lives outside of Boston?
Unfortunately our contract with Comcast does not permit families to apply using the free voucher code. They can still apply for Comcast IE with the low rate of $9.95 per month.
When will this free program expire?
The free Comcast IE program with the voucher codes will expire June 30, 2022.
How do I get more voucher codes?
If your school has distributed all of your allotted voucher codes, email Henry Ho ( He will work with you to obtain more codes.
What do I do if the family moves?
You must provide them with a new voucher code from your list. If your family moved to a different address, they must call Comcast IE otherwise they will be charged.




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